Drivers Start Your Engine

The older games like driving an automobile are the best and it makes you excited to be part of the whole experience. Feel like you're part of the Chevrolet design studio, it is another ride to be part of the show. During the process riders create a virtual custom-concept vehicle to ride. The first time you ride this one it is a special treat. Nothing is like the first time you jump into a new Disney Attraction Ride.
Jeannie S.

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Where to get the Disney Speed Rides

We like the rides that are good for a five year old as well as someone twenty five. The all for one rides let the entire family ride as one unit. Get your pictures taken and it is picked up at the end of the ride. A very fun thing to do when you are touring the orlando theme parks.

Granville O.

Sweet parts that are do not miss

Guests entering the park begin their journey at the gate and the perfect time for Photopass. Go inside and hit the Crossroads that leads to the world of distinct entertainment. What fun with two big areas or environments to explore and play.

Helga P.

Test Track Speedway

200 Epcot Center Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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