Splashable Play Spot

Oh my goodness is it fun to play corn toss in the beach sand. You want to pick out up spot where a lot of people are gonna walk right through the middle of the game, as we found that out the first day we tried. Lots of people walking back and forth from the Beach Bar, which is kind of fun because everybody likes to comment if you make a good toss or a bad toss.

I think having the beach toys is a best way to really enjoy your day Along the Shoreline. You can't spend all of the time out there with the Boogie Board. This was really worth the price.

At Walmart they sell a smaller version that's only twenty dollars and it's really light and easy to carry in the car. Some people won't like the big corn toss games because their huge and you have to store them somewhere in your house or garage.

Super bar and beach area. All is fun here. There are certain games that are just so fun you can play a little bit each day. I got this for my children and they just think it is the best birthday present possible. We love the things that also work for Cocoa Beach Play!
Jordan A.

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Bean Bag Toss

Having all of the volleyball courts next to the bar is excellent. You can order some food and get an ice cold tea or Beer and really enjoy the show. The bean bag toss video is too cute.

Rachelle Q.

Shoreline Games

Lion King kitty can get a high paying job near The Shoreline of Brevard County. Doing a little homework on the space coast vacation trip, I found out we can enter the kitty in a fantastic program. We are so lucky to be near the Atlantic Ocean, so I have entered the kitty in the animals in space kitty volunteer program. Kitty can go into space on a rocket ship and send back things like high blood pressure information. This will help NASA, so we just have to pick out the date for kitty's first space history.nasa.gov flight! Thank goodness the Melbourne trip has lead to this great moment!

That's what's really fun about the Cocoa beach area and all the way down to Vero Beach. There's lots to do and all kinds of different things from the Fishing in the Ocean to the golf and even the space rocket cats! You do need to plan a little bit more because things are dispersed in a wider area. You may want to go to Melbourne Beach and do something at east west haven avenue. By the way I love the Downtown Pizza Window and there's a Sports Bar inside that's fabulous. This downtown area has an Irish Bar to love. What a good zone for summer or winter, because this is Florida.

Jacqueline L.

Coconuts on the Beach

2 Minutemen Causeway
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