Shows Well Performed

Shows Well Performed

The Lion King show is great and it should be high on your to do list. The Sit Down shows are very well performed by big time singing professionals. Everyone will know the familiar songs, so be sure to sing along. I really enjoyed watching the acrobatics so close in the theater in the round. There are plenty of surprises during the show, even some fire breathing adventures! Don't miss the Lion King Musical Sit Down Show. Because of the various performance shows, plan on at least eight hours at Animal Kingdom Park. Orlando vacations are a sure thing to a great time. Tip: dont forget to take the trail through the gorilla and tiger enclosures, it's overlooked but I got some amazing footage from here. Enjoy the world and what it has to offer!
Alexandria J.

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Ha I will watch the recipes with pork eating Lion King kitty. By the way, kitty likes his new toy. I will follow the pressure wash instructions. It is a nice piece of equipment to get the rv travel trailer pretty for the Fort Wilderness Camping trip. We did not get any rain here in Orlando, not one drop. No rain on the way home, so I watered the hibiscus as some were starting to look stressed not like the disney-plants. Hopefully it will rain this week to get my yard looking like a Resort Hotel in Orlando. Kitty is back outside. He likes the heat just like we do for Typhoon Lagoon.

Juliana E.

Lion King

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