Baked Goods Made From Scratch

Baked Goods Made From Scratch

I really like the flavor of the whole wheat, rye, and pumpernickel. If you are going to Taylor Park for a picnic, stop in here for some Dinner rolls, Hotdog buns and the Hamburger buns. A family owned business and they make 90% of the baked goods from scratch.

Why not try something more unique to Key West and the islands at Cole's Peace. Did you know one of the most popular is restaurants and dining places is a bakery? From the eclectic to the ordinary with everything in between Key West has an astonishing assortment of great places to eat.

Part of the fun for me is hunting around and finding these hidden culinary treasures. Enjoy dining while visiting Key West! Yes, Open Daily for Cuban Bread too. Ok let's go there tomorrow, I will come over early and let the Lion King Kitty out before the pedicab traffic picks up!
Selina B.

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Fresh Bread

Kids go crazy with the Cookies and Sticky Buns. They can take a simple Sandwich and turn it into a Prime Time taste. Popular toppings for the bagels are jelly, cream cheese or a melted cheese slice. The sandwiches come with a choice of potato chips, cole slaw or homemade potato salad.

Get Bakery Creations for breakfast to dinner. Very good is the Tuna Salad Sandwich with avocado, lettuce and tomato on sourdough. Best Sandwich Cafe For Lunch Time it is. Great is the Peppered Pastrami Panini pressed hot on the grill.

Raymond J.

Cole's Peace

1111 Eaton Street
Key West FL 33040

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