Seaworld Amusement Park

Seaworld Amusement Park

These graceful marine creatures are a real pleasure to watch. The park has a bunch of thrilling rides which will take your breath away. Spend the day, and come away with a new appreciation for marine life. Dolphins will dazzle you with their free-flowing form in a fabulous show all their own.

Hold on Tight, cause here we go upside down, and all around, as Kraken brings the house down. SeaWorld is one of the most splendid amusement parks in Florida.

Make sure you are one of the patrons propelled downward at lightning speed in Journey to Atlantis.
Omer O.

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All Kinds of Animals

Going here will get you psyched up for everything about animals. I love all kinds of animals and have a little kitty myself. It's a little bit different when you are talking about sea lions and Pelican. When I got home I had to set new ground rules for all the animals in my house.

New times for the kitty, as he is done with Eating Out of bowls. He is a rabbit and black bird hunter, please record some nat geo TV and you will see why I have taken over as his trainer and, new owner Florida Travel Commander. Grandpa kitty gets a new beginning, which Is Fantastic.

Hilary N.

Family Fun

How big are the Aquatica annual passes? I want to know the size of Aquatica annual passes. The website says to get a free pass member lanyard and pouch, just visit the under the sun Gift Shop. It is located at shoppes at waterfront, and show your active annual pass to receive a free pass member lanyard and pouch.

Penguin lanyard available September first to fifteen. Mako lanyard available September sixteenth to thirty. Limited quantity available.

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7007 Seaworld Drive
Orlando FL 32821

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