Saving Money

Saving Money

The cash register doesn't lie, this is the best grocery store to save money on your food bill by far! I love the Buy One get One Free offers and take advantage of those by going to different grocery stores periodically. Each week I probably go to Winn-Dixie once, Publix maybe once, and of course we have bravo in my local area where they have super cheap meats. Day in and day out by far the best prices for your dollar is at Walmart.

Take for instance ice cream where Walmart it's typically just over two dollars for a half a gallon, but when I go to Winn-Dixie even Buy One get One free Deals do not touch the price. The same goes for bacon, bread, and I love that one dollar cuban bread loaf that's fresh made.

Definitely there is a place for competition and we love the fact that there's so many good Grocery Store opportunities. It's up to the consumer to maximize the situation by signing up for the weekly ad at each grocery store, and making decisions a what to purchase based upon lower-cost.

For those people that don't have time to wheel and deal with coupon cutting, looking at the weekly circular adds, and all the rest, just head down to Walmart and you will be fine.

Put more money in your wallet so you can Take the Little Ones to something fun or maybe even go Kayak Shopping to improve your health. The one thing you don't have to worry about is where to go for the best deals on a consistent basis!
Janna J.


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