Yacht Club

Yacht Club

This is where the Fort Myers boater goes if he's looking for dry docking and big boat storage. Perfectly located right at the harbor near the Sanibel Causeway Bridge is this fabulous boating Yacht Club.

It's got everything the boater needs starting with the quick access to the Gulf of Mexico for going north or south or out Fishing. Many people take day trips down to Key West or stay overnight come back at their leisure. Mostly the people that have larger boats that are harder to pull on the trailer seem to use this particular docking facility. I would call this a five-star luxury boating type of venue, the best around.

They handle everything about your boat, getting it ready, storing it, and anything you asked for. Boating means you get to cruise around at some of the most pristine areas in Florida because we have lots islands and inlets and cut through channels. Take a look at the map of the entire coastline of Florida and you'll see why southwest Florida is the place to be from here through the ten thousand islands and down into the Florida Keys.

There's a huge Marriott Hotel right next to the Yacht Club and lots of places to stay if you're looking for a room. The Holiday Inn on Sanibel Island is excellent, but the boater might want to look at Captiva Island which has some really good boater friendly hotels. You will have fun in this area no matter what you do and be sure to stop at doc ford's restaurant which has lots of good boat docking an excellent food.
Erwin G.

Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club

15051 Punta Rassa Road
Fort Myers FL 33908

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