Beach Bar

Beach Bar

I just have to rave about the view of this wonderful waterfront restaurant! This is where we went on our first afternoon after arriving here for our vacation staying at the Residence Inn Melbourne, just over the bridge. It takes about fifteen minutes or less to ride your bike from the mainland side over the bridge and down to the waterfront bars. Once we get here to the hotel, we park the car and from then on out it is biking especially to the bars because that means we can drink our fill of alcohol!

We came for lunch and actually didn't drink any booze this time but I did look at the Beer menu and they have plenty of choices. The restaurant is one of a group of I think three different owned by the pepaj restaurants corporate group. Other affiliated restaurants include the steak and lobster house. Not far is the other cafe which is on the Main Street Heading to the Beach.

The lunch menu is perfect and they have a section devoted just to beach salads! What can I say I saw that and had to go with the sand signatures salad which includes various seasonal fruits, nuts, pecans, fresh shrimp, and a citrus vinaigrette dressing. It was spectacular and just what I needed to get filled back up again because of all the Bicycle Riding that we had done to get here. Next time I get to the top of the bridge him in a look over to see if I can see this tall structure of a restaurant at the beach. I'm assuming I would be able to see it from the top of the Melbourne Causeway Bridge, because it is one of the rare multi story restaurants. Being up high eating means you get a better view here!

Once you eat then you can head down to the beach and explore the water some more. The restaurant has plenty of free parking in their lot or you can park around the city center and walk over. This is the place for breakfast, lunch and a big dinner. They open at eight am every morning and on the menu at breakfast is the ocean avenue omelet. What could be better for breakfast than three eggs filled with yummy ingredients including green peppers, red onion, chopped ham, cheddar cheese and you get grits and a biscuit to go with it! That we've had lunch here we are going to go for breakfast next time tomorrow or on Thursday.

Every beach town needs a good Beach Bar don't think! Remember don't forget to bring your bicycles because that is what you're gonna need to enjoy the best of this area or stop at shop and rent some bikes. While you're In the Area you can stop at the local art shop or maybe do some Ocean Fishing. The Fishing Pier is just up the street so you gotta go to that at some point and that would be one trip you need the automobile.

Give this restaurant our highest recommendation. When you walk in you'll feel the vibe in the music right away. Having music on at a decent volume is a great thing and they play fantastic tunes. We can't wait to try the breakfast and the next day or two and then were going to come one evening and load up on the cocktails. They have white wines, champagne, red wines and a full alcohol bar. What can we say but give this a super high recommendation! We are big fans of Sand on the Beach restaurant here in Melbourne Beach Florida!
Katrina Y.

Sand on the Beach

1005 Atlantic Street
Melbourne Beach FL 32951

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