Rooms have Kitchenettes

Rooms have Kitchenettes

Bus transportation to the parks works great or just take your car. The kitchen is why you pay more and was great to have for the week long stay. I'm a big fan of the Florida Keys theming and the super Swimming Pool play. The two-room villa was very spacious for a family of four. Booking a hotel with a kitchenette is vacation dining budget tool. Disney Springs is a few minutes away and that is the best thing about this resort. You get loads of amenities and Boat Transportation to Disney Springs. Best for us was the balcony, as you do not feel cooped up. To save money, make your breakfasts in the room, pack a lunch, and splurge on Cocktails. Studio rooms have kitchenettes, while multi-room villas contain full kitchens. Having a balcony was nice for enjoying cocktails before the nighttime Theme Park visits. This is a pretty good resort for golfers and swimmers, and is more adult focused as compared to Pop Century.
Johnson U.

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I will check that out. A drive into Old Key West Resort every day, sounds good. That is pretty Awesome area for a hotel and the Shopping at store. I went to Key West for the first time in 1989, been back four or five times since and it is totally different.

That is great about doing the western dance in Frontierland. I can't wait to see the picture, but I don't really need to know about festus, the drunk castmember.

Elisa T.

Key West Resort

1510 North Cove Road
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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