Rollercoasters with Blasting Music

Rollercoasters with Blasting Music

We are booking at the four seasons hotels and resorts to be close to the favorite music playing roller coaster ride. How excited is the family to go so fast on a Rocket Ride. It will be a true first timer for the two small children. We will head straight to the areosmith rollercoaster! The photo shows off the fancy looking entrance area to the ride.
Steve N.

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Do at your Own Risk

You can bring a tablet or phablet to Disney for sure and use it on the Aerosmith Ride to listen to the Music. I want a tablet to do more, for instance so there will be no reason bring a boom box to the hotel, rather just a couple of super small bluetooth wired speakers and the website music source of choice. It should work on the rides and be a phone when needed. Listen and talk to it with headphones, wired or wireless bluetooth. Disney has free wifi everywhere, so it should have no monthly fee.

Theodore F.


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