Riverwalk Park

Riverwalk Park

This is the best place to take a family outdoors in Fort Lauderdale right along the waterfront. Absolutely amazing is this whole concept to make a downtown area so supreme. Go here on a beautiful day when it's cool in the afternoon with the seabreeze, so you can walk around and really enjoy the entire area.

This is a multi-block city downtown area that has an assortment of super shops, outdoor parks, and restaurants. A lot of different people come down here for different reasons, but for me it's fitness. It is a great area just to go for a really long walk as you never get bored it's beautiful with the waterfront and the boat taxis going by.

Make sure you come down here to Riverwalk park when you are in Fort Lauderdale at the beaches. Do not just spend all of your time out there Fort Lauderdale Beach because you would miss this historic downtown city center seen.
Shirley Q.

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Going to see Ideas

Nice beach photos and park going to see ideas. You captured the area very well, as we loved staying at The Westin Resort. The nightlife is very lively at The Beach bars with Live Music. We recommend Riverwalk both for daytime or at night.

The Boat Taxi ride was a treat, and it stops at about a dozen places on the way. You pay once, and use the Water Taxi all day long and it stops at Riverwalk. What a bargain is the boat taxi or use your bikes to tour the waterfront for free.

Alexandra L.

Fun Things to Do

Sign up for the Riverwalk newsletter and they'll keep you up-to-date on all the current events and happenings in the area. We would recommend people pick out one of the Hotels on Las Olas boulevard to be in the action.

I like that late-night Pizza Shop and there's great bargains for fresh vegetables on the weekends at the Flea Market. The Omelet Cafe is my breakfast pick winner, and all of this you can use your bicycles or take the boat to ride.

Wilford C.


305 South Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

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