Ride a Horse

Ride a Horse

Pick from the pony rides and the big horses. When you arrive at the Disney ranch there is a help window to get details and answer questions. Once you Check-In and get setup, it is time for your trail ride. Riding ponies or horses means an insurance waiver, so fill out the fine print paperwork and be ready to saddle up. Adults sign the no-lawsuit release for your children. We really started getting sweaty hands at that point, because we were getting close to the big event! They will weigh everyone as you have to be paired up with the right sized horse or pony.

Make sure you take lots of video or photographs of the pre-riding part as it is a big part of the whole thing. They talk and train you about horses, since most people are rather new or brand new to Horseback Riding. We took about one hundred camera shots before the ride and a few during, but the horse bounces. Not only is it fun, but much safer than Astro Orbiter or the tea cup ride spinning. It is at your own risk, but anyone could also fall out of the surrey Bike Rentals or the Mini Speedboats too! Kick the horse to go really fast, but do so at your own risk! Kids wear a helmet on the big full-sized horses just like at paintedoaksacademy.com stables. We loved it and had no idea that you could find Kissimmee horseback riding close by at hhmri.org for even longer rides. Fort Wilderness is a special place and this pony and horse riding just adds to the excitement.
Ty A.

Tri-Circle-D Ranch

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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