Sunset Key Guest Cottages

A tropical paradise with Key West-style cottages is a grand place to stay. Pick between ocean and garden views, depending on your budget. Rates are lower in the summer, especially with the garden-view cottages. One of the more exclusive places to stay for sure is Sunset Key Guest Cottages.

This has to be the most photographed location on the island. Make sure you pick a good room location with at least partial ocean view. One of the choices you have is to stay out there on Sunset Key or stay on the mainland with quicker access to everything.

Some would prefer to be over here on the mainland side of Key West, rather than out on the island. It is my understanding that some of the famous people that come visit this area like to stay out there because the privacy and security. I guess if I was michael jordan, that's where I would want to stay. It is really nice to be able to watch all the boats go by as this is the entrance way to the Port of Key West.
Naomi I.

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Fantasy Island

The big giant boats like the Carnival Fascination even dock right up Along the Shoreline nearby. I am big fans of the Westin Seaport hotel, as it is one of the better places of all to pick a room from. You get every kind a hotel amenity you could ask for, even spa services and cocktails sipping in the swimming pool!

You can find the Ferry Shuttle to this privately owned island fantasy land at the Cruise Ship dock. Hidden Pleasures for the Wealthy and anyone else too. I would go on the Miss Inclined Flats Fishing boat. If you need a cheaper place to stay, go with the Key West Harbor Inn nearby.

Eunice R.

Sunset Key

245 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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