Resort Swimming Pool Winner

Resort Swimming Pool Winner

To be in the heart of the Epcot entertainment district! You will feel right at home with the upscale nature of the hotel, pool area, and service. The location is what makes it one of Disney's best resorts. This is a Disney deluxe villa resort with all the extras. What could be better than picking a top-10 Orlando themed hotel.

I love the Disney Bars. Mixology is a fun thing. I will be there tomorrow to practice up! Tell the Lion King kitty I will be there with thanksgiving Egg Rolls.

The sweeteners would seem to make it happen, pineapple, orange, and the grenadine. The pat o'briens hurricane is a strong drink, but it could be made with less alcohol, and-or, just one alcohol, rum or vodka. Good idea.

It would be nice to start planning our bike rides a bit more at Disney and all over the state. They have some great websites to do this like in St Petersburg at St Pete bike map which has lots of options. Disney area needs more bicycle maps.
Della E.

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We missed a few really good parks on our recent fantastic trips to Altamonte Springs and Melbourne Beach. I will help out with planning the bike route trips to make them nice and easy! Seems like all the cities of Florida have more nice trails than ever. Every city has nice stop light cross walks. We are sure lucky to live life in this great state.

Victor T.

All Good Overnight

One time we were walking at the beach or the Theme Park and I drew a blank when trying to describe the david blaine magic show david blaine on tv. You will see it sooner or later and for sure he is a great performer. He does magic in las vegas as a regular and has a TV show, which is perfect for Disney Boardwalk Inn Resort in the evening.

Dante Q.

Boardwalk Inn

2101 North Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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