It was time for us to use some Marriott rewards points and we wanted to go to a place near the ocean. After many vacations to the Cocoa Beach Pier area, it was time for us to explore more of the Brevard County Beaches. What a zone it is here, that we loved so much and this time we got stay In the Area for a little longer.

We wanted to have a refrigerator and a kitchen in the hotel room so the Residence Inn was easily the choice for us. It takes about two hours maybe a little less to drive from saint petersburg to the city of Melbourne, plus we stopped in Vero Beach for a little bit heading in.

The hotel itself is everything we wanted. The rooms are just like you see on the Marriott website under the photos, specifically the room photography. It is definite a good idea to make sure you examine the hotel room photos and make your decision based upon what's the best layout. I like the fact that they don't waste space with a big oven in this particular hotel, rather the big microwave is there for heating things and you have the stovetop burners. There is no oven so cooking a Pizza would only be done in the microwave, or reheating. You cannot cook big pizza and get it all crispy like you could if you had a big oven or making french fries.

I really don't see a need for an oven in a hotel like this, but different for a weekly condo rental. In a condominium unit I would expect to have a full oven. I like the fact that the Marriott has made some changes to save a little space but you still get the full kitchen in all regards. The refrigerator was excellent a stainless steel model. You get a dishwasher and a full-featured kitchen with all the utilities.

Inside the cupboards you have for coffee cups, and four plates and everything's kind of in that you get four of them category. Everything is clean and your silverware is available plus there is dishwashing detergent down below. If you do not turn on your dishwasher, the room service attendant will turn on the dishwasher each day. They prefer not to waste a lot of extra sheets and towels. You will see a resort notification when you get inside about the towel service.

If you want new towels, just toss the old ones in a corner pile somewhere out of the way in the bathroom dressing area. The same thing goes for any dishwasher towels, or hand towels. They will replace any towels that are missing unless you have them hung up. If they see that you have left them hung up gracefully, that means you do not want them to give you new towels rather to save energy for everybody using the same ones. Obviously they would like you to use the same towels, if you just thing for two or three nights. Everybody's got their own opinion and I personally try to conserve the towels when I can.

I think the location is the key element to this because you can bicycle ride right over to the Melbourne Causeway Bridge in about seven minutes or maybe ten minutes maximum. Within fifteen minutes you can be in the water Swimming in the Ocean or sipping at the Beach Bar. It is that close to the water, so the price is right. You're not paying for a oceanfront unit but it's a breeze just a bicycle over to the ocean whenever you want to hit the water.

We had a one bedroom suite which has one king-size bed, and is a two room configuration so you feel like you're not in a rectangle traditional room. Room 210 is perfect and that was a lucky one for us with two windows directly looking over the swimming pool area. The pool was about eighty-one or eighty-two degrees and would've been better if it was about three or four degrees warmer. We were here for January one through January four and it was a warm time, but not warm enough to have the swimming pools where I would prefer them.

I would stay here again and I'm certain I will. The area totally impressed me big time with all of the restaurants and availability of quick access to fun. Take a look at the map and you'll see there's a lot of nice outdoor Local Parks in the area and we took a lot of photos at some of them. Once I get my brain back in order I will remember the names and post some more comments and details about Douglas Park and the local area Fishing Pier park. This was a fantastic place to stay for three nights, we loved it and the staff!
Grover B.

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Melbourne Hotels

We are staying at 1430 south babcock street in Melbourne Florida right after the Portofino Bay Hotel trip. They have a Jimmy John's near by which are super and all over Orlando and central Florida. My sandwiches ain't gonna look this pretty, but they will be tasty! The bootlegger club is roast beef, turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Brandy Y.

Residence Inn

1430 South Babcock Street
Melbourne FL 32901

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