Rentals that are Memorable

Rentals that are Memorable

We stayed in trinidad north so the walk to port royale was refreshing. I love all the color and Music pumped out of hidden speakers! Nothing tops a hotel that has a poolside frozen cocktail bar menu and strong pour alcohol drinks! The full service dining area is a super touch, just get there before 8pm. I have stayed at this resort a few times and loved everything about it. The Food Court and shops are great to have for your down time. Make sure to get you late night food, as the food area stays open through-to-until midnight. Overall the experience was great, very memorable and will definitely want to stay there again. Very close to the hotel, the Lake Buena Vista Taco Bell is super for late night food.
Ramona O.

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Our room was very well kept and we received lots of towel animals. We booked at Coronado Springs because the way The Rooms looked and they had queen beds. I enjoyed the Hot Tub, one of the largest on property. A campfire and Disney movie playing over in the distance is good at night. For families with Younger Children this place is very kid friendly. I felt our wait for the buses at Coronado Springs was very fast. We found the full-menu-foodcourt to be good, plus is close and Transportation to be quick.

The Swimming Pool was really pleasant because they keep it at just the right temperature. We've been over here quite a few different times over the years of the different themed resorts and they always have the Swimming Pool temperature just what you wanted at. I like around eighty-five degrees where you can just do a giant belly flop right into the pool and not have to worry about a thing. They actually do like to jump in the pool pretty good as long as you don't make too much of full of yourself or look ridiculously drunk and then the Lifeguards will take over. You have to be on your best behavior when you're staying at the hotel because there's a lot of children, so don't do anything foolish and get in trouble.

Gregg T.

Caribbean Beach

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