Disney Island Resort

Disney Island Resort

A top-10 Orlando hotel, this is a place where you do want to stay. Key West Resort is amazing and a mid-level Disney resort. Look for the travel deals and discounts when you purchase Disney park tickets and universal tickets. You can save a bundle now with the new multi-day passes and family package plans. Orlando ticket purchases require a bit of homework these days, but that is how you save.

I have planned to open up my budget for the Key West Resort at Disney trip. Instead of super cheapo, count me in for medium cheapo! Take the Boat Ride, plus go to the nice things like over at the Boardwalk Espn Club and wine at Epcot.

I had a clear preference for staying on-property, but deals are deals. For a family of four, nice is two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We did eat out one night to splurge at Brick and Fire cafe or go to Cinderella's Royal Table. How much time do you plan to spend in your room anyway? I'm looking forward to escaping over there again on our next trip. There are plenty of off-site Hotel Rooms to be had at a low cost price range. International Drive has some deals that are almost too good to be true, but are true. A Key West themed hotel at Disney is best.
Noah D.

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We probably spent a good month trying to figure out Which Hotel to select the for Orlando. This is such a huge city and really it's the whole Orange County when you're searching for hotels that you can choose from and because there are so many it takes you some time. I noticed that just about every hotel has some kind of promo code on their facebook page that you can get to save some cash. We are always looking to use our Florida Resident Discount opportunities and The Hotels here in Orlando do offer deals to locals. I would only pick a hotel that has a refrigerator inside.

Mac S.

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The stay at the Old Key West Resort has got to me. Happy life every day no matter what, until I am tossed off the Seven Mile Bridge. It is in my will, and you are the executioner to make sure I get toss gracefully at sunset! Yeah happy life and good Orlando food at netto's cafe!

Herman P.

The Resort

There's a nice and flat jogging trail that runs all around the resort. Quick food is quality-best at good's to go or stop at piefection Orlando pizza cafe. It has a great range of items, and that is why we loved Old Key West Resort. It is nice to get Hamburgers or Ice Cream quick and easy.

Golfers for sure think twice, it's worth considering old Key West. You can Rent Bicycles here and set off on two wheels to scout the resort. There are superb Photo Opportunities all around this resort. That's the beauty of the place.

The buildings make for some great vacation getaways. This is the place to either rent a boat to tour. Many people choose to eat out in Orlando and there are some Good Places nearby.

Teodoro H.

Key West Resort

1510 North Cove Road
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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