Recreation Leagues for Local Residents

Joining a league is a fun thing to do, as the leagues down in Key West are a hoot! You have lots of choices depending on the types of activities you most enjoy. You can take yoga on The Beach, join up in a paddleboard group, or take group kayak rides, as a couple of examples. Even less strenuous are the Bocce games, oh so fun.

Get involved, join a group and expand your horizons! My spouse and I joined the co-ed softball league. We have had a lot of fun and we have been thinking about adding in some lawn bowling. We like to join in the drinking dart tournaments over at stick and stein bar. This island has amusing sports entertainment to do.

There are so many things away from the Duval area. After our second week long trip, the other things like Bocce get found out. Tennis is free and fun, plus the fitness. There are two parks for tennis on the island. The ping pong table at Blue Heaven bar is great, under that big tree.
Granville H.

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Unusual Things to Do

Things are getting a little crazy over there at the Key West Bocce leauge! All of the cats running around. It is best to be a friend to the cats. You can give them food and water and a place to hang out, but you don't need to be an owner. That is a lot of money and responsibility, so do not bring one home from your southernmost vacation. Kitty does not want any visitors, sorry, just the Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa for Staying Overnight!

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