Pro Level Disney Golf

Pro Level Disney Golf

Orange county Florida, boasts some really wonderful golf courses, this is where we vacation and play. Most golf courses in the Lake Buena Vista area are not private, and open to public play during the day. Some of the best courses include Disney owned, like here next to the Magic Kingdom. Make sure the price is right, as there are all sorts of discount coupons for Disney Golf.
Bert T.

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Eighteen Holes

We are Going to Orlando to do three days worth of good times around the city. My question to everybody is where's the best place to go online and find some discounts like for the putt-putt golf or some people call it Miniature Golf. I guess I have to go to google and do a search for Orlando miniature golf discounts to see what I get. The first thing is some kind a deal from group on but I don't do group on, maybe I should.

One thing by clicking on this website is it showed me that volcano island miniature golf and Hawaiian Rumble both are into ticket discounts. They're listed and so is bonanza golf, which is not a miniature golf, I apologize it is miniature golf and looks outstanding. Here's one called golf and gator oh that's and Cape Canaveral for forget that. I went to the volcano island Mini Golf page for discounts and it's for seniors only, darn.

The winner is hawaiian rumble, and that is where we will go.

Rosa D.

Magnolia Golf Course

1950 Magnolia Palm Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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