Fishing Piers at Volusia County Parks

Fishing Piers at Volusia County Parks

Ponce Inlet is a dream place to go fishing, it is beautiful and productive. This is one of the Volusia County Fish Piers. Parking is plentiful. Nearby is the popular Marine Science Center and the huge Lighthouse. That is the place to see the area like a bird, just pay the entrance fee and climb the historic Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse! It is very cool and very old, built in 1887. It has no match, as it is the tallest lighthouse in Florida.
Jerrod L.

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Daytrips from Daytona Beach

It is a cute drive down to the park from Daytona. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and it takes about 15 minutes, if that. What a nice little day trip and you can see the New Smyrna Beaches over the water. You cannot get to that side without a boat or driving around on the bayside.

Adan J.

Down the Hatch Seafood Restaurant

After your fishing day, the place to go is called Down the Hatch Seafood Restaurant. Yes, that is the name. It is right here at 4894 Front Street.

Erik S.

Best Daytona Fishing Pier

Ok Florida Travel Commander, as I like this zone too. Do some Fishing in the ocean and all the beach bars in this zone. That sounds good but I wasn't planning on doing much boogy boarding since nsb is the shark capital of the Florida. We should bring them just in case. Plan on going to the Daytona Beach Shores Pier Restaurant after the swimming day.

Kirk C.

Ponce Inlet

5000 Robert Merrill Parkway
Ponce Inlet FL 32127

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