Wet Splash Ideas

Wet Splash Ideas

Living less tan 20 miles from Lake Buena Vista, Disney World has really opened up a special place in our family's lives. The happiest place on earth gets anything but old when you are wet.

We love the water parks, dazzling displays, Fireworks, and the parades. Water parks during the day and evening concerts at Epcot just keeps up coming for more.

Go early in the am to avoid long lines for slides and rides. Plan on four hours to get the most out of your visit to Blizzard Beach. Be sure to study the map the night before to see everything more efficiently. Once you do All the Rides, then spend the rest of your day enjoying the Lazy River!
Emmitt S.

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Slide Rides

Keeping up with the disney pleasures is all about Staying Cool! Blizzard Beach is an incredibly Good Place when you time it right for Low Lines. Sometimes it can be a busy Water Park, when Orlando schools are out.

Serena M.

Bathing Suit

It was a pleasure to do all the cool stuff around the Orlando area. Each and every hour spent was great so plan on a Full Day of Sightseeing everywhere you go. Having your bathing suit on and doing all these crazy rides is a hoot.

We love the white water adventure and of course Wine Lovers will love it for the alcohol consumption. Have fun with something every day, and split it up don't just go to the same Theme Parks, as getting into the festive atmosphere is what this whole environment is all about.

Jennifer J.

Blizzard Beach

1534 Blizzard Beach Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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