Pleasant Hotel Surprise

Pleasant Hotel Surprise

Caribbean Beach Resort was a pleasant surprise to us as the pool is just amazing. I love it here, just Buy your Beer and wine at the Orlando Walmart. Each of the six islands have their own private pool, which is a big plus for relaxing. Do a bit of homework and get a super Orlando Hotel for big smiles. Great landscaping around a large lake sets guests up with a nice caribbean island mood. In the middle is cayman island, connecting across the lake, which is the spot to enjoy a Glass of Wine. Most of the kids use the large pool next to the Food Court, you may prefer the Quiet Pools on some occasions.
Cathy C.

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Weekend Getaway

We enjoyed our vacation a lot, and a good experience with The Rooms was obtained. It is nice that you get so much fitness when you hear at the resorts. When you get the better places, not so much the value resorts, you get a great fitness room with nice treadmills. One year I got so excited I bought it and I've had it for three years and eventually you can sell them online.

I put up an ad on craigslist Orlando for the treadmill. Since it has a problem with the tread, I just went for fifty bucks. If it does not sell, then next will be free! Seemed like it was best to move it into the living room, as I needed to take the door off to get it through. This way if someone wants it, I can help them take it right out the front door and into their truck. Thanks again for helping me make good decisions this weekend. I am so glad you made the weekend getaway!

Jarrod O.

Caribbean Beach

900 Cayman Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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