Have your Camera Ready

Have your Camera Ready

Best of the best at Epcot are the things that you did not expect to see. There are a myriad of demonstrations, food tastings, Street Performers, and Music bands coming out of nowhere. Even for us that have the annual pass, new acts pop up and surprise us all the time.

The World Showcase does deliver great entertainment, and being surprised is the coolest way to add to the day. Great Times. In Japan, the candy artist has been doing her thing for years. See really gets to kids and knows how to get them involved. She is from tokyo and got trained as a child in rice dough sculpting, and puts them on a stick. Very original to Japan. She is nice to talk too.

There is a very nice photo taking spots near Japan, or anywhere you can get the Epcot globe in the background of your shot. The sun is behind you, so the good lighting really makes for nice photography.
Tiffany P.

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Walking Through Epcot

Greenhouse guru marketplace is coming to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival! Several new restaurants have been added to tables in Italy Showcase. I love the mickey oreo cheesecake at sunshine seasons in Epcot. Try the reopened flying fish at Disney's Boardwalk. Drink from a berlin wall beer stein in Epcot's Germany pavilion! For africian food, there are many super menu items at the harambe market in Animal Kingdom.

Francisco R.

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