Food Cooked like Grandma

Wow is the food good here. Give them the top prize for the easiest take-out food in the Florida Keys. I am going to make some salmon to go with the Cuban rice dish. We went there every day on our trip and The Cafe con Leche was delicious, and a great pick-me-up too.

I am a fan of the menu, especially the Pan con Lechon Sandwich (shredded roast pork on cuban bread) and the Lechon Asado (cuban style roasted pork). This is all authentic and you will love the flavors.

It is walking distance from the Marina del Mar, the Marriott, and the Bayside Inn. The restaurant is just a couple of miles from the Boat Depot. Right across the street from the huge Hess Gas Station.
Dannie C.

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Cuban Food

We always go inside to order and enjoy the aromatic cafe. It is great to see the Cuban Food spread. What I love the most on the menu is the roasted chicken dish with dark meat chicken and cooked onions which blend so well together when serve nicely hot.

The breaded chicken breast is another winner because of the cuban sauce that they marinated in, giving it a flavor that is unsurpassed. Have you ever heard of the grilled beef dish that has such perfect seasoning, and that's what makes the dish so special. You get plenty of good size portions the don't worry about that and you will have extras to take on your way to the hotel.

The chicken and yellow rice is always a good one to buy by the quart size, or you can pick the container size and you can reheated in your microwave at the hotel later. It's always good to have a couple of extra cuban sandwiches because it will save you money when you are on the go.

Conrad A.

Black Beans and Yellow Rice

One of the best around carnitas with corn tortillas. The stone ground corn tortillas make it work together. The add in the recipe fresh guacamole, jack cheese, salsa fresca, red onions, and crisp lettuce. My vote too for the chicken, black beans and yellow rice mix.

Andre P.

Denny's Latin Cafe

99600 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-2454

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