Pick out a Waterride

Pick out a Waterride

You can rent a single or tandem kayak and paddle away the stress of the outside world in this beautiful mangrove preserve. Wow is it good to paddle in the florida keys. There are many little fingers to investigate off the main trail, or you can paddle and explore the shorelines. What a fun zone to paddle around and see lots of things. Look for nature on the kayak Underwater and on top, plus the birds.
Octavio L.

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There is no doubt that the kayak is the tool of choice to have the best time for cheap in the Florida Keys. Trust me on this one as you will really enjoy paddling around, especially if you pay attention to the weather and go out when it is spectacular. If it's your first time and you are a beginner, take a look at the wind report and you want to pick a day that the wind is very calm and at the same time the sun is shining bright so you can see down through the water below. If it gets a little windy, the wind speed creates ripples on top of the ocean or in the Gulf of Mexico, even close to the islands, which is where you're likely to be paddling. They have really nice mangrove trails for people to go through and they are marked, at least some of them. This is the place to go and they will tell you everything you need from locations that are fun to see or if you want to be in exploration mode. I think it's a very good idea to take the kayak up to Curry Hammock State Park, and do not miss that area right behind the Holiday Inn Express over there near Sparky's bar.

Jeannine Y.

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