Daily Live Entertainment Shows

Daily Live Entertainment Shows

Everyone had told us about the crazy parties during sunset and the whole Mallory Square Fun Zone. What we found out on our own is what a sightseeing extravaganza is a daytime visit to the Mallory Square Dockside. Oh, is it so Scenic and beautiful. Toss this into your PDA as a must see spot (yes, during the day). Notice the island on The Other Side of the docks, that is Sunset Key and you can take the Boat Taxi and have dinner out there!
Dalton C.

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Great Area for Waterfront Sightseeing

This is the real reason people come to Mallory Square, to see the big boats and later the spectacular Florida sunset. It will take your breath away. It makes for an extra special day.

Leticia B.

Last night we sale the Calypso Tumbler

We saw Doctor Juice the Calypso Tumbler last night. He is a very good athlete and puts on a great show. His tumbling act is fun for kids to see, and he gets them into the show. I love the Sunset Celebrations, because everyday is a different.

Boyd F.

Mallory Square

1 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040-6634

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