Going out to dinner should be a good time and you might as well get something creative. We found a good place here to eat and they know how to do the right kind cooking that I like. Cooking pasta is really very easy as long as you have all the ingredients to go in it to make it just right. Once in a while I can make pasta that's just too soggy and it really turns out to be a disaster. I do like to cook a lot and eating a good Italian pasta or any kind made right is sure a wonderful thing to do.

Creative casual cuisine influenced by the island, sounds like a darn good logo for any restaurant. Brevard County is just so lucky to have a special place with lots of amazing entrees that have special recipes to give them the winning formula. It's casual and cozy, perfect for a Friday night date night for a girl and a guy.

It is nice to look down at a big bowl of pasta and try to figure out the different ingredients that are inside. Of course if you look at the menu you gonna know what you're getting. You might leave a little bit of surprises in the different types of spices and Vegetables that they add to each entree. Everything here is prepared with really fresh ingredients and it shows in the taste quality.

Come on in to sit back and enjoy and you don't even have to bring a pot of water to boil. The cooks know how to make pasta much better than my own homemade. I've always wondered why they say to add salt when the water comes to the boil, just before you put your pasta in and then bring it back to the boil. Salt must do something, because I don't add any to my foods. They say to put salt in to the water when you're gonna boil your pasta at home on the stove. I have learned that you should never cook pasta for any longer than it says so on whatever size packaging or labeling your reading. Soggy and overcooked pasta is just not the same as something that is made to the chef level taste bud.

We like to eat big servings and that way you can actually fill up on your meal! They say that one pound of pasta is supposed to yield eight servings in general, but that depends on what kind of vegetables and other ingredients you add to your recipe. I just got the answer on why the addition of salt as part of the cooking methodology of pasta. It is required because it of the ability to ensure even cooking throughout the depth of the pasta. What does that mean, the lack of salt allows the pasta to acquire a slimy texture when you cook it, and it just doesn't turn out as good. I guess I'll take their word for that, but I sure love this restaurant!

Make sure you call the Island Pasta restaurant phone number before you head down so you can make sure they're open. They have limited hours on Monday and Tuesday or at least did when we were On Vacation. The rest of the week they seem to be open all the way until later hours but it changes, so you better call them or check the website for hours and locational information.

The menu is excellent with lots of varieties of different things you can eat. What about the drinks and cocktails, yes even a mango martini! I am so glad I picked the trenchtown tortellini pasta dish with cheese tortellini, grapes, and bananas in a light alfredo sauce. Unique and flavorful is just the right thing for a wonderful meal. This historic town is lovely, so it makes as a great backdrop for a fine meal out. Come on down and enjoy some unique pasta meals and some cocktails to go with!
Paula N.

Island Pasta

903 East New Haven Avenue
Melbourne FL 32901

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