Magic Kingdom Childrens Playground

Magic Kingdom Childrens Playground

There are a lot of nice places to let the kids run around and have fun. Fantasyland has a super Playground Area near the Food Court area. Some of the new things to see here include the double dumbo ride, circus train station, and the great goofy and a big splashable water zone For the Kids to cool off.

Go ahead and plan on spending about eight hours at a minimum at this park. We try to schedule five hours because we were gonna head over to the Disney water Splash world zone and never made it.

I told her respect all the good things that they do and keeping it fun for All Ages. Make sure you spend a lot of time Enjoying the Events during the day because they are the best part.
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Parents will be really happy as they won't have to worry about keeping their kids All Smiles during the day. To save some cash, bring some snacks in your bag to munch on, so the kids do not get hungry for a ten dollar burger! It's a lot more than just going on dumbo the elephant ride or the Mad Tea Cup, which is one of my favorites. I love spinning around in circles because it gets you dizzy but not long enough to make it anything to worry about. As the day goes on, the parents need a break and can let the kids run around in circles at the little playground zones that they have at all of the theme parks.

I would say Magic Kingdom probably does a better job with the younger kids and the other places. My vote would be Epcot World Showcase for adults, but it's good with kids. If it's your first time and you have young children between four and eight, go to the Magic Kingdom and take advantage of all the Fantasyland activities and shows. It is very important not just to focus on the map which shows you where the rides are. They have a bunch of different things it just happen right out on the streets like some Fancy Dancing which made us laugh so much. I think the Seasonal Festivities are Prime time. December is a great time to go and remember even though you're an adult you can still go on the Pint Sized Roller Coasters!

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