Citywalk Sweets Cafe

Citywalk Sweets Cafe

Thank goodness Orlando has a Cinnabon. Love the taste and am so glad they introduce the Cinnabon Bites! Perfect for family types and kids on the go. These are the cool bite-sized version of the big rolls. The same warm dough, filled with the cinnamon and topped with the white hot milky cream. You buy these by six pack, just like beer.

Very nice for those busy days or with your children walking around Citywalk. CinnaPacks are super too, but these goofy names do not make it easy to understand what you are ordering!

The Caramel Pecanbon might just be the best with the warm dough, cinnamon, pecans and rich caramel topper. Great Places for coffee and dessert are always perfect. Chillattas are perfect for climates like Orlando. These are hand blended after you order, just pick your flavor. Very good for a summer treat and highly refreshingly. Yes, Frozen Chillattas are perfect on a hot day.
Cody I.

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Breakfast Cafe at Citywalk Orlando

Coffee Lattas make a nice complement to the sweet rolls. Great in the morning or evening, when things are cool out since their hot specialty beverages. Not sure about the calorie content, but they are excellent and come in three varieties: Chocolate Mint, Gingerbread and Cinnabon Cinnamon. They use stronger coffee, kind of like an espresso enriched and are very aromatic.

You will also love Kekes Breakfast Cafe at the Millenia Orlando. The pom pom's tea house gets high ratings for Sandwiches. It features themed gourmet sandwiches plus a Unique blend of authentic side salads.

Tonia P.

Sweet Treats

What A good Place for sweets in Orlando. I recommend Kim Wu Chinese Restaurant for dining, and Arby's for food to bring Inside the Theme Parks. Get out and explore, try Gatorland which is an entertaining idea. For beer and nachos go to El Potro Mexican Restaurant for dining.

Cedric O.

Cinnabon Cafe

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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