Take-out Food Cafe in Marathon

Picking up some fresh footlong sandwiches to go for the picnic or boat could not be any easier. You can get a meatball sub and save half for later, an easy microwave heated lunch the next day. Load up the sandwich with all the goodies, then ask for a few extra and see if they can close the sandwich to wrap it.

The Subway shop is top notch and has very good pricing For Lunch or dinner. I got the chicken breast and was impressed by the full size chicken breast used as the sandwich meat.

I am impressed with Subway's fresh fit breakfast menu, with some really good sandwiches weighing in under two hundred calories. What a perfect thing to get when on the run, with hot coffee.

The best are the slimming egg white, black forest egg white, cheese english muffin melt, and the steak egg white with cheese flatbread morning melt. Yeah to the fresh fit breakfast menu.
Amelia K.

Subway Marathon

10694 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

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