Cruising the Strip is a Daily Tradition

Cruising the Strip is a Daily Tradition

Can you find a more lively and entertaining city in Florida? ? We say no way, just the way Key West magazine had set our anticipation. We decided to try the top ten things the magazine listed and their latest edition. The bar and restaurant at the top of the La Concha, the view is amazing.

My picks for things to do. The company called the fury puts on a remarkable Sunset Cruise for around fifty dollars, which includes all you can eat food and adult cocktails. Cowboy bills is a really fun for those who have a little bit of southern comfort in their bones.

To get a women president, which I would be behind big time, what about gloria borger of cnn. I want a women president. No old women, no lying women, no clinton foundation, money in the pocket, women. That is the type of women we need to get. She is perfect for president, and I would vote for her, assuming her positions are good.
Jared N.

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