Picking Out a Prime Lunch Location

Picking Out a Prime Lunch Location

The key here is the signature bread and fresh cuts of meat. Special on the menu is the Choripan sausage sandwich topped with grilled onions served on Cuban bread. Prepares fresh daily are things like the fruit pastries, empanadas, and croquettes for your coffee fix. Juice Paradise is a Cuban Cafe that is a winner for food.

They make Good Food here, and it's not expensive. You get a little bit of everything from a veggie burger to a cuban hamburger! They are very big on juices and have all kinds of fresh juice which can be mixed to make a combination of flavors that will completely blow your mind.

Ask them for suggestions and they know all the good things. The best thing for me is getting sandwiches because I love the wonderful Fresh Bread. There's just something about a really good sandwich no matter if it's a barbecue pork or a traditional cuban, or maybe a omelet sandwich, anything on a good toasted cuban bread is a lot better than you can make it on any other bread possible. Quick service is really nice, because you can get out of there in a hurry and be on your way to whatever activity you are planning.
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This is a very good pitstop on the way down to Key West to eat For Lunch and to stop for the Perfect Cup of cafe con leche. Make sure if you get any sandwich you get the cuban french fries with it, which are sliced much thinner than you would normally have at Mcdonald's restaurant or Burger King.

Thanks Florida Travel Commander. That was a big help to get this done. I'm sorry it took so long to get through key largo. I will pay attention to the toilet at the condo. Lion King Kitty is very happy to chase shrimp Along the Shoreline.

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Juice Paradise

2603 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

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