Chinese near Universal

Chinese near Universal

I've come to the conclusion that getting some Chinese food on the way to your hotel in Orlando is the perfect way to begin your vacation. Stopping and getting some take out, maybe twenty-five dollars worth or so, and stick it in the hotel refrigerator and you are set for munchies for a while. For us we are on the go so much we really don't want to take a lot of time to stop and eat, so we can maximize the theme parks and things to do.

I love the Panda Express menu as it's not too big or overly confusing and everything's delicious. You can look down as you approach the line entrance and see the food displayed in front you with a name and description label for the food. It makes it really easy to look at the dishes and see what kind of vegetables are included with the entree.

Typically you're going to choose between beef, shrimp, and chicken and then from that you pick the different vegetables that you like plus you need to think about the seasoning just like at cafe. Some of the stuff is really hot and that's what I like the best because it makes me eat a lot slower. You don't want to gobble this food down even though once you get it's pretty easy to do.

The hotter it is the slower you have to eat because you have to sip on some water or iced tea or diet coca-cola, you will need something. They use those red chili peppers that you get over in Asia I believe or maybe it's Mexico, and their hotness makes for a great sauce. Don't be scared because you don't have to get the hot ingredient but they have some that are always a little more hotter. You will see a chili pepper or some indicator of the fact that this dish is labeled as rocket fuel ready!

Don't forget whatever you decide to order make sure you get a bunch of those yellow hot mustard Chinese style made sauces. I like the hot red pepper sauce, which comes in those little sealed containers. The give you as many as you want so ask for a handful if you need them. About a half a dozen of the soy sauce little containers are needed, depending on how many Egg Rolls you get and wontons. If ordering out, when I am heading to take it back to the hotel, then I usually get a dozen egg rolls. When you start ordering big amounts of food here or at cafe, they really throw in a lot of sauces and all the condiments and things you gonna need, plus plastic forks and knives and napkins. That's why like it they have everything plus the foods good and cheap for the value. You will load up and it's a lot better than going to the Brown Derby Restaurant inside Hollywood Studios, because of the cost involved.

This is cheaper and very healthy Good Food. It's easy for me to recommend this fine establishment! You are gonna like the hot Chinese Food that's made with the wok.
Frieda H.

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Food is really Good

The food is really good and one of my favorites is the firecracker chicken breast. This is a wonderful dish with marinated all white chicken breast meat, yellow and red bell peppers, red onions, spicy black bean sauce, and extra spices. I wish they had more recipes on their website it would share little bit of information but of course all recipes are searchable by google.

A couple places I want to point out include the Yard House which is excellent if you like getting a little beer buzz going on with your food.

In town is a Lasagna Lover restaurant and that is one of my other Top Picks. You can't go wrong with all of the activities, it's a Super Area for Vacation Fun and the restaurant pleasures.

Mona W.

Panda Express

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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