Dine in or take Out

Dine in or take Out

What a fabulous place to eat, and it is dine in or take out. My favorite is the chicken with make vegetable as the price is right and you get plenty of healthy food. Being a chicken lover, really any of this is probably a good like depending on what you're in the mood for. They make a really good garlic golf and chicken lo mein.

A lot of times when we are out Bicycle Riding. And take advantage of the lunch special I think the fact that the hotel and put it in the refrigerator so we can eat it for late-night back. I love Angelina's pizzeria restaurant for my late-night monkey craving, but that is a lot better and lower in calories.

Given the wide range of people and cultures on the islands, it is no surprise that the city would feature a large and eclectic selection of restaurants. If you are here for a week, this is a sure thing for one of your meals plus the leftovers.
Vanessa E.

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Old Town Wok Cafe

I love a cafe with a menu that has pictures on it. It is not about Eating on the Waterfront, you go there for its authentic traditional menu. For lovers of Chinese food, you don't about getting good dishes, it is a standout.

Verna A.

Egg Rolls

Here is another salad place I would like to try, and the egg rolls are prime. The Asian salad has a dressing that is made with sriracha sauce. Tell all to go here before the Quantum Sailing Race start.

Good news, I am set to drop my car off on Monday morning to get fixed. Thank goodness that is finally going to happen. It is good to start Bicycle Riding every day, even to Albertsons or Five Brothers Grocery for Shopping, or here for the egg rolls. The weather in april is so nice for florida. Plus i can eat more chinese food and not worry about the calories.

Jeri T.

China Garden

531 Fleming Street
Key West FL 33040

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