Melbourne Pizza

Melbourne Pizza

There's a couple of sure things that are gonna happen on vacation and one of them is to find a local sports bar. We were extremely lucky as we stopped by early before the Florida state Seminole national championship football game to pick up one of the little paper menus that they give you. I knew when I walked in that it was cool right away and it was way before game time and had quite a few tables starting to fill up. The Old School Pizza menu is awesome and I love the way they have a boombox next to a huge pizza describing their location and menu options.

We were staying right next door at the Residence Inn hotel so we took the menu back and studied it next to the swimming pool while drinking a cold Beer that we got a Publix across the street. We decided to get there right around kick off time and the menu looked great. I specifically started getting a fixated with the specialty pizzas because they look full of fresh and delicious different styles of ingredients. We ended up getting a Mexican pizza, because I wanted to try something different and never had a pizza before so spicy and good. I think the key element is they have jalapenos, sour cream, refried beans as important ingredients along with tomatoes, peppers, hamburger beef, onions, salsa, with lettuce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese on top!

What is not to like about a mile high piled pizza that has lots a good fresh ingredients. Since it was two of us we can split and we decided to get some of the boneless chicken wings with the cajun wet sauce. They have super hot sauce if you want to go with the outrageous wing sauce of all time which we tried but we settled on the cajun wet. They have some good different chicken wing sauces like garlic parmesan, sweet chili, super hot, medium hot, teriyaki, barbecue, and the cajun style.

The TV sports viewing is plenty good and everybody will be happy with that. Pick your own game but most likely you're going to probably be watching the big sporting event of the day along with everybody else. They have a philly steak stromboli that looked extra good and thick that I might get next time. The menu covers a lot more than pizza and Italian foods plus how about a spinach bacon salad that even has onion and egg and it, now that's healthy. They do have quite a few different salads like a chef salad, mediterranean greek salad and how about one of those italian anti-pasto salads.

This is the kind of place that you can get really happy with and would probably come here a lot. I would say try to pick a night that you will know that the sports is going to be good, such as come over for Monday night football. Sunday afternoon would be great because you have the football games on during nfl football season or the main professional sport of the season.

The location is approximately one mile from the Mansion Restaurant, and everybody knows about that place. You can find it on south babcock street which runs north and south and is about three blocks up from strawbridge avenue. I would definitely put this on your to do list for the next big sporting event day. You can see the menu online and you will be plenty happy with it once you take a good look. I'm not sure exactly when they have specials or discounts but it wouldn't surprise me if they had things on their facebook page because the guy at the restaurant mentioned it, as we were heading out and telling them how happy we were.

You are going to want to try quite a few different good places in town like the Downtown Pizza Window to name a few. What's better On Vacation than a good pizza bar, especially if it's a Sports Bar as a better bonus!
Wendy W.

Old School Pizza

1316 South Babcock Street
Melbourne FL 32901

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