Old Florida Beach Charm

Old Florida Beach Charm

Come to the Beach Club resort for the perfect medley of old Florida beach charm. The check in process at disney hotels is Super Fast and you will have your feet in the pool within ten minutes of arrival. You should go ahead and have your beach outfit on and do wear wet shoes when you stay at any of the Disney hotels. We spent mega time enjoying the outside zone and the Ice Cream shop which is right next to the pool. The Poolside Bar has lots of good Cocktails plus a kids menu. It is plenty nice for me to float, swim, kick, all while my mango smoothie cocktail sitting within sip range.
Mamie Z.

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Swimming Pool

I would vote for a balcony view at the Beach Club, not my typical view was All-Star Sports Resort, but still nice. I need my Softball field back and the sports at Disney is really nice. Covering a Basketball league tonight for a co-worker who has a sick newborn in icu at children's healthcare. Hopefully everything turns out okay like the pizza at the ilovenypizza4corners.com cafe.

I guess I shouldn't admit that I broke things off after he got a divorce, huh? Married wasn't the problem, that just sounds sad. No more married to anyone other than Mickey Mouse vacations. At this point, no more dudes, too much drama.

I thought women were the overly dramatic ones?

Maria M.

Beach Club

1800 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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