Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Most important thing to know about Fort Lauderdale is Ocean Drive or A1A highway. This is one of the most Scenic drives you will find anywhere around the state of Florida. It is an amazing place to explore and of course it has sidewalks for your bicycle, so you can really go down and check out all the good things on this road like Primanti Brothers cafe.

Officially it is called state road A1A and it's the north and south main drag, you might say. If the street could talk, I certainly would listen because there's a long history of action and activities. I took this photo to give people an idea what the signs look like if they're coming down here for the first time.

We decided to stay in Lauderdale by the Sea, which is just a little bit north of the big hotels and the Beach Shops down where the Fort Lauderdale Public Beach is located. This area is excellent, and a slightly lower key type vibe than you will find with the sister city to the south. The ocean and the waves are the same, and the scenery and restaurant options equally as impressive. On this trip we decided to stay at the tropic seas resort motel on el mar drive which is another fabulous road.

Of course you know that bicycles are the key to enjoying just about any Florida vacation spot. Go ahead and park that car you've been in for a long time driving down or from the airport, and just leave it in the parking lot. In this town you use your two feet or two wheels to get around to enjoy all of the good things. That's why we like Florida, it's flat and easy to bicycle ride unlike places like atlanta Georgia for example. Even small hills can be tough on bicycle riders, and the only hills your run around and have to deal with in this area are the bridges!

Plan on seeing a lot of this terrific road. There's a lot of bicycle trails to in the area, so make sure you do a search for those and enjoy the best of entertainment while you're getting your exercise in each day.
Richie K.

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Getting around the Area

Hotels are cheaper in Lauderdale by the Sea and no valet crap! The valet want tips. I cannot give my keys to anyone, since the car is used as the safe. One place I stayed in Miami Beach forced valet parking and took the car five blocks away to a wide open lot and charged money. A total rip off.

It is important to know the situation before you book the room. Mandatory to me is free self-parking. Parking the car in a place that the bikes on the bike rack will not get stolen overnight, behind the car. It was the same concern as when picking out a place in Fort Lauderdale. Parking is the big issue in Miami or Fort Lauderdale Beach. Remember the issues with booking in Miami and fort lauderdale: parking fees, bicycle locking safety, and forced valet parking.

Patrick T.


4400 North Ocean Drive
Lauderdale by the Sea FL 33308

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