It is nice on the beach shoreline, just super good. It has been a pleasure planning our trip to the area. We are pumped about the Boat Taxi rides. We booked at the Lago Mar and what a place. Ok Florida Travel Commander we can bike to hugh taylor birch state park and Primanti Brothers. Yeah to the good beach life! More yeah to the Shoreline as big waves are so fun. It is not Washington dc that is on the wine lovers list. It is state of Washington and seattle, which is not as good as Fort Lauderdale. What a beach zone, plus the Florida Keys so close. I am making slow cooker chicken and dumplings for the trip to eat in the hotel. I will let you know how it turns out.
Jenifer I.

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Along the Shoreline

Yeah we are going to Fort Lauderdale. We have a luxury apartment with living room, kitchen, and water view. This is going to be a nice vacation and it will be a very nice thanksgiving too. Turkey for Florida Travel Commander. Here are pictures of our Fancy Place off of Las Olas. Kitty and I are staying inside since it is pouring rain outside. Yeah rain so it will be over when we arrive at The Beach!

Wallace W.

Harbour Isles Beach

2100 South Ocean Lane
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316-3835

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