Nemo and Friends Aquarium

Nemo and Friends Aquarium

We enjoy taking the children to Epcot, as the large educational component stimulates their learning. The Nemo and Friends aquarium is about as perfect a place for a child to see and touch all kinds of Critters. When you swing by the area of the nemo seas aquarium, grabbing a Fastpass to Test Track is a top priority. The aquarium is not far from both Soarin and Mission Space, two more can't miss attractions.
Cornelia T.

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Take the Family

Picking which Theme Park to go to each day is the hardest part of the trip. Epcot is my top pick For all Ages. Lion King kitty is ok again, and what a super day at Animal Kingdom Theme Park. It is a full moon and beautiful weather so he is sleeping outside at night. I have to work late for a while, plus pack for the Polynesian Resort. We have to get all our state tax returns done and I am doing most of the work.

It is very time consuming planning for the rides to do. I am going to do some work at home this weekend to figure out the events each day at the Magic Kingdom. It is going to be bad until January fifteen with all the traffic in town, but we love Orlando. I did put in for time off today and I got it. That is why I have so much work right now. It is because I am taking a lot of time off in the middle of the crunch, thank goodness for lunch.

Leslie R.

Nemo and Friends

200 Epcot Center Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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