Near the Beach

Near the Beach

We found the best hotel near Fort Lauderdale for the value and the price. This place is gorgeous and located sweetly just a block from the ocean, and that is part of why you save some money. Most people would love to be in the oceanfront hotels and have the perfect balcony overlooking the water and the Shoreline, but being a block off is just good too.

We spend most of the day Along the Shoreline on our fat tire beach bikes, plus we like to bring our boogie boards and do things with the waves. We have plenty of time along the ocean and so we get all the views of it we need, and then we can just walk across the street right to our beautiful hotel room in the Santa Barbara Inn.

Lauderdale by the Sea is the cutest ever small size city that's just a couple of miles north of the main Public Beach of Fort Lauderdale. It's just a completely different vibe because you don't have the same level of towering hotels like down by The Westin Resort for example. I personally think this area is absolutely just right for families, or a romantic getaway.

The rooms are priced decently for sure and you can pick between a typical hotel room, efficiency, or you can go with the one or two bedroom models. Most people know that in Florida you save money in the spring and summer when booking a hotel, and that is just right for us because that's the swimming season. We don't really come to The Beach that much in the winter because you can't get in the water, which is what we do.

The Atlantic Ocean gets awfully chilly in the winter, however walking The Shoreline is good year around. There's a lot to do in the area starting with all of the great restaurants for a Fish Dinner or Beach Patio Bar. Everybody likes a good beach bar for the cocktails and the happy hour specials. You can walk to everything, and of course the bicycles are your best bet for really enjoying the area and leave in the car park in the parking lot.

Better yet might be to rent by the month in April would be just fine for me. I like the fact that they don't allow any pets, as a lot of places these days allow small dogs and they are the worst. Rooms are non-smoking, so send your smoker friend out to the beach if he wants to light up. We did a lot of time in the great heated pool and having a nice kitchen really makes a hotel stay a lot better.

There are always new things to discover when walking by the ocean. First it is so beautiful along The Shores. The waves can be very strong on some days. We did the waves and the Shoreline each day. Our vacation was in Lauderdale by the Sea, a fine area for a beach vacation. Love the waterfront along Broward County and you will smile. Nothing beats the classic sandcastle art or the Athena by the Sea stops. I like all the sand art work people do. Sand castle building is done by some very creative guests like us on our trip!
Lawerence L.

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Staying near the Beach

This is a good pick for sure when you're trying to stay in the area and save a little money on the budget. Impressive is everything from the Main Beach to all of The Beach patio bar picks that you get to choose from.

I would definitely stop and get some Seafood Soup and bring your bicycles to tour the area or quickly. After you do all of your exercise you will be ready for a fantastic Fish Dinner and cocktails. Give them my top rating.

Devon W.

Santa Barbara Inn

4301 El Mar Drive
Lauderdale by the Sea FL 33308

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