Go for a Ride

Go for a Ride

The most important thing to know about Cocoa Beach is to take advantage of the two wheeled transportation! Bike Riding is a great escape for individuals or as a group to cruise along and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean views.

The best time to ride is on a nice sunny day when the Florida temperatures are cozy, but the beach water always keeps it cooler right Along the Shoreline. Even on a hot day can be really magnificent getting a workout so close to the Atlantic Ocean which is often ten or fifteen degrees cooler than the air temperature on a summer day.

Just think about the health, wellness and fitness of cruising in the sand on a two wheeled bicycle. You get stronger and work some cardiovascular parts of your body that needed it. Trust me you need to crank out that heart rate to keep the cholesterol levels lower and the blood pressure as low as possible.

It's fun with all the bikini girls to look at, as they just love to show off at that age. If you are not on your bicycle then you better have your Fishing Pole Anchor set and ready, because that's something worth doing. If you're smart and you book a Full Sized Kitchenette then you can go Bicycle Riding, do a little Fishing, and then take your fish catch back and cook it in the kitchenette.

Bring or do the bicycle rentals. It's fun playing along the beach with the waves and activity especially when you're moving constantly.
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Bicycle Riding

1550 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach FL 32931-3268
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