Delightful for Displaying on Your Wall

Delightful for Displaying on Your Wall

We like to browse all the cool places to get wall art during the first few days, then go back and make our purchase on the last day. It takes a while to look at the many pieces, and pick the right one for you. If you want a special scene, just ask about getting it done. So impressive are the color mixing, making them delightful for displaying on your wall.
Joanna P.

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Our Pick for Florida Keys Treasures

Best of all are the paintings of sunsets and tropical foliage. As you walk the area, see shops offering fine art in sculpture, painting, and really nice framed photography.

Franklyn Z.

A Little Paint

I love the old photos and the new paintings. Shopping in the city is all about keeping your eyes open and be ready to pounce. On my morning bicycle ride today I saw a chair like yours sitting, being tossed out. I slowed down and knew immediately it was the same outdoor patio chair style. After putting one together yesterday, it was so fresh in my brain. Those two missing leg arms are here, as I turned around and got my car.

Old stuff is cool to paint or to restore. The chair was old and wore out, but these two pieces are just fine. A little paint and you have now three wonderful lawn chairs. Three is a good set, and you may not believe it!

Jordon G.

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