Music Concerts by the Lake

Music Concerts by the Lake

Do not miss keeping up with the Orlando music scene, which is the best of all the cities in Florida. Yes this town pumps and we are just a bit partial to the new Music attractions at Disney. They can make everyone smile, dance, and sing along with top acts. Way cool is the fact that they play multiple concerts each day, making plenty of room for all to see. One per night would be too massive, so good call Disney Epcot executives.
Mathew A.

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Theme Park Pleasures

Music is really the new trademark of everything going on around the theme park pleasures. The times guide is the key thing you must get soon as you get there or better yet from your Hotel Room. I can never get enough of this fun stuff and we will continue to come periodically probably for the rest of our lives. I love the entertainment and The Resort opportunities.

The Beach Club Resort has fireplaces in The Rooms. I think a fire is Awesome too. I have a feeling I am going to be wishing for a fire Saturday night when I am freezing to death sitting in athens at the uga-auburn game. Hopefully, the dawgs win so my dying in the cold is worth it. Orlando sounds fun and warm. I am in chicago and it is freezing. I love this city though, such an incredible vibe, all the time.

We went to this dinner last night honoring veterans who were city employees, so moving and then a big group of us went to a bar that was on top of the hotel, such fun. The first was really inspirational and deep, the second was a bunch of adults who drank way too much and acted like idiots. Typical life, huh? We are going to a blackhawks game tonight, very excited about that plus eating and then heading back for the Beach Club Resort.

Hugh J.

Epcot Bandstage

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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