Multiperson Movie Buff Ride

Multiperson Movie Buff Ride

My friend and I rode on The Great Movie Ride three times this trip. We are big movie fans, and just wanted to take it all in. This Hollywood Studios attraction is located on Hollywood Boulevard, right near the big Sorcerer Mickey Hat, and is held in a reproduction of the Mann's Chinese Theater.

Everybody the family loves old movies and this is the place to get into the vintage film clips of the past. I am so much of a fan of the indoor type of attractions, were you get out of the sun for a little bit and enjoy the show.

They did a good job on this whole thing, with the movie theme being the perfect way to get everybody excited. Going on the tram rides is neat because they tell you the story as you cruise along and the show is constantly changing around you. Old movies are so cool, part of the history.
Toni I.

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Movie Ride

It is best if you come with a lot of enthusiasm, as they want you to yell out and ask questions anytime. Parts of the ride get kind of loud, so small kids need to be warned ahead of time.

They have some guns shooting scenes and some dark areas, plus some loud booms. This is the perfect attraction when you are waiting for the Fastpass Times.

Jeremiah S.

Hollywood Studios

That's great on the review of The great Movie Ride. I don't think I get the retro channel. I like the rockford files with a bowl of chicken soup. Our family loves Hollywood Studios Theme Park for sure. Florida Travel Commander, don't forget, I would like to get some stuff, to help with my diet and exercise program. I need the Boardwalk Inn Resort daily event list.

Mariano F.

Great Movie Ride

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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