Miniature Golf International Drive

Miniature Golf International Drive

Discover a true family-friendly Orlando destination, nicely located in the midst of the international drive entertainment district. Miniature putt-putt golf is fun for all age groups, and then explore more of the I-Drive amusement zone. This town has a bunch of really good places to go away from the theme parks.

Come explore the never ending kaleidoscope of experiences in the city of play time. You can save money on your round of Mini Golf by using the discount coupons. Coupons are easy to find in the free tourist guide magazines to all of the key attractions. Always have the coupon book out as part of your visit to the I-Drive fun.

We play this every year as part of our vacation tradition. For the adults you can wager Cocktails and drinks at The Pub restaurant afterwards. Everybody likes to win Free Drinks and food and there's Nothing Better than betting on whether you're not you can make a whole in one.

Your only a short walk down from the Hot Chicken Wings at the bar where the women wear bikini like clothing! We will be back as everything is Fantastic all the Time in this town.
Brendon M.

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Miniature Golf

Whoo hoooo Miniature Golf is the greatest, and I'm glad this is on the itinerary. Florida Travel Commander, just so you know, I have made a print screen copy of this email! Yeah to Pirates Cove, which is by far the best place to get out your putter and see if you have what it takes to get a whole in one.

Everybody wants a discount so you can use the promo codes if you sign up for their email or get the little free tourist guides where they have the discount included in the published copy. When you're waiting for the I-Ride Trolley that is a good time to look for the coupons.

Tony O.

Pirates Cove

8501 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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