Middle of the Beach Cafe

Middle of the Beach Cafe

Very nice is the stop just to come in for a couple of miller lite bottles to freshen up before heading back to the waves. It is nice dining with all the beach comings and goings. Happy hour is every afternoon, which is when people shift from the fitness watersports to the liquid goodies and frozen zany-loving-cocktails. It has one of the least expensive happy hours that we've ever experienced. I have to recommend the black bean and cheese quesadilla. Good for sure are the chicken wings made melt in your mouth tender. Any seat is good, but the outer table spots have the great views of the surfers down below. They offer a bucket of bones sauced up barbecued spare ribs which is just the perfect thing with cold-adult-beer.
Zackary W.

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Best Bar

Just got back from the wonderful Pier bar happy hours. Cold is the word sometimes in the Florida winter and Lion King kitty just went out after eating his dinner. I will let you know how long he stays out. It is forty four degrees, with the Daytona Beach dual race going live on TV and at the sports bars. That is so funny, oh I should have been there tonight! Laugh, laugh. Great, $30 per month is a nice raise for all the bartenders wiling to work in the winter cold at the beach bars.

Domenic M.

Joe's on the Pier

1200 Main Street
Daytona Beach FL 32118

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