Mickey Mouse Animation Courtyard

Mickey Mouse Animation Courtyard

I came away so impressed by the Mickey Mouse Animation Courtyard. Oh my is it so really cool to see lots of detail into how the whole Disney experience gets put together! This is the place that families with Younger Children will just adore. Highlights include the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Playhouse Disney live on Stage, and the magic of Disney animation.

I will be glad to get out of there an on to the Theme Park Pleasures of the annual pass. I am still being worked to the bone and they are not planning to replace me. Disney makes me smile, unlike my work. They are just going to overwork my coworkers when I am staying at Pop Century.
Miguel K.

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Makes Me Smile

I have paid my Disney dues and I am moving on. Only two more days and hopefully I will be able to leave a little early on Wednesday. I will be glad to come visit. A quick look at the weather, it looks warmer weds, Thursday, and Friday, but you have the roy leep juniors to tell you the local Orlando weather scoop. It is nice you have a few days extra.

Florida Travel Commander, you are welcome to come over on Friday to get out of the cold. Kitty and I will be running the heat to keep warm, if needed, and I am going to make a winter weather feast in the slow cooker. It will be too cold for grilling. I would like to get rid of Hot Tub this weekend if possible. I have to do some shopping too. We are doing gift exchange at work.

Elisa P.

Animation Courtyard

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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