Irish Bar

Irish Bar

One thing is for sure about downtown historic Melbourne, they have a fantastic irish bar to enjoy. We really had a good time here and couldn't say enough good things about it. The first thing I noticed off the menu as they have a Beer of the month and it includes some cool beers that you probably never heard of. I like the way the inside is laid out and they keep it dimly lit, and in a party mood. We are planning to go here for st patrick's day this year because what could be better. They even have a sam adams beer dinner!

If you have not been to the area, East New Haven Avenue is a wonderful historic district located in the city of Melbourne Florida. The street is lined with a bunch of really neat places to eat and drink, plus a whole assortment of different historical shops. We really like it because you can walk around and explore for a while and let your appetite build as you smell the fragrances from the various restaurants like the cafe. You will like the area and it's really romantic, with plenty of different things to look at and see. Make sure you walk down and check out the waterfront area as you are really close to it just off east Melbourne avenue. The waterfront is maybe a five minute walk from the irish bar.

If you want to do it right why not try some of the signature irish cocktails. They have a whole list of different things that they make like the dancing leprechaun drink! I got a mini stout and it was wonderful which included bailey's irish cream which is that white liquor that really spices up a drink nicely. Those people that like to drink scotch drinks are going to be in good shape, plus may be an irish coffee shot which includes coffee, whiskey, cream, and fresh whip cream! This is the place to come drink old forrester bourbon or maybe get a giant sized irish beer.

Fun it is even before you get to the wonderful menu of foods. Being in Florida I decided to get the Mahi-Mahi sandwich and you have to get it blackened don't you because of all the spices, plus they add a red pepper mayonnaise that really is nice on the potato bun. All of the food is slightly different than you would get at your local seafood Beer Bar, because they know how to change it up a little bit make things better. The Pub burger is what my spouse got and it looked great chargrilled with a big giant slice of cheese on top that melted right over so nicely and of course it comes on a toasted potato bun. It was my first time trying the potato bun and I love my breads, and they do it good here.

You can sign up for their newsletter and get specials email to you and discounts on your meal. The vibe is really good inside and I think most people like this bar a lot. You can come during one of the sports events and they will turn up the sound for the big soccer matches, or professional football, or whatever big events going on in the professional sports scene. Live music is a big deal here so make sure you check the band schedule if you want to get in on that. I think most people really enjoy a place like this because it's fun to eat and sip on some alcohol in a place that is so much to look at. You can't get bored a fun place to eat, and we like that!
Christa Z.

Meg O'malleys

812 East New Haven Avenue
Melbourne FL 32901

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