Meet Chip and Dale

Meet Chip and Dale

We think the parades are a good way in to end the day, with a boost of adrenaline. Your children will feel it and it's uplifting. Plan on taking lots of photographs of the classic Disney TV Movie Characters, like Chip and Dale. It is a super day for a family outing.

We've had really good luck meeting all of the characters. We probably have got a photograph and an autograph from just about all the big-name Disney characters. I think Goofy Dog was my favorite, but Pluto has the cutest costume.

Keep an out for Winnie the Pooh and Nemo as well. I think the most important thing is to be ready at all times. It is pretty easy to print out a photograph on photo paper of each of the important characters. When you spot one of the characters that you are targeting, someone needs to quickly pull out that photograph.
Tomas A.

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The Characters

We keep our photos in alphabetical order. You can use the photograph and have the characters sign it directly. You know what I mean, a photograph of Mickey Mouse and then mickey actually signs that Mickey Mouse. You get a photograph of him signing it.

It's a great day if you're prepared. And tell the orlando disney gang I can come over tomorrow if you want me too. My Camping cot arrived, so we are one step closer to a Fort Wilderness resort camping trip. I will bring it so you can see how it looks and operates, plus the new tv set and door fixing utility razor. Also, we need to plan out the next ucf orlando trip a bit staying at the Residence Inn.

Myron C.

Chip and Dale

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