Patio Dining

Patio Dining

This is one of the best places we went during our vacation trip. We went here twice because it was so good the first time and they had live music. I would definitely check the live music schedule and try do plan your attendance according. The music band sets up by the fence next to the street and the music aims back into the restaurant which is perfect. You get to watch the bar band and the people going by out on this awesome sidewalk walking area. I took a photo outside when we first walked by the first time during the day was early yet. In the evenings it really gets jamming in here and can be pretty much packed.

I would recommend coming over here in the evenings once the band gets going and try to get a seat outside. Maybe it's a little better to come twenty minutes before the band is supposed to start that way you for sure get a good seat. Once the music starts going it's pretty loud In the Area and you can hear it up and down the East New Haven Avenue street which attracts people to come over here and get a drink.

The bar menu has all the goodies to drink and to eat, plus a whole mess of good appetizers. They had new england clam chowder as the soup of the day when I was here. A bowl of homemade hot soup in January was perfect for me with a big basket of french fries. I like just love hot food when I'm drinking Beer and listening to live music and don't want anything too complicated to eat.

I thought the flatbread pizzas look really good and a lot of people seem to be getting that. The one that I was thinking about which I'm going to get next time is the white Pizza that has mozzarella, parmesan, garlic ricotta cheese and mixed greens with a special kind homemade dressing on top. You will know the food is good when you just see it even before you get your order placed in front of you. We decided to eat here because we saw so many other people had their food out and seem to be pretty darn satisfied because everybody was chowing down big time.

The menu has everything including sushi, with all the beers just like the cafe. If you not super hungry try the piggy wiggies which are hot and spicy and great with their dipping sauces. They have food to go and you can call ahead by looking at the menu online and giving them a buzz on the telephone. What a great thing to do just coming by to pick up your meal and take it out to the beach or maybe Douglas Park for a nice picnic. Whatever you do make sure you walk over the Melbourne Causeway Bridge when you get done eating. Having a nice little buzz going on with alcohol is perfect for of really scenic waterfront view from the top of the bridge which is only a ten minute walk from the restaurant front door. All of this is super close to the so they can walk over and eat.

I have to say I was completely impressed with the fine restaurant they have here. The menu is everything you could want because it's diverse and not expensive, just medium price, which is what small town of Florida is all about. Music gets going and you can dance, it all depends on the day of the week. Don't forget to check the band schedule and we will be doing another review of the Oceanfront Bar and the Fishing Pier while in town. That's it for now great job to the restaurant for entertaining us and feeding us so well!
Lynne K.

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